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Rose-Mary Faulkner
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The body is simultaneously familiar and foreign to us. It is with us always, yet we only ever have a restricted personal viewpoint of ourselves; the angles we see of ourselves are never the same as external looking. My honours research project in the Glass Workshop at the Australian National University presents a study of my own body from this viewpoint. I aim to map and record the female figure through abstracted and layered photographic imagery in order to analyse form and surface. I investigate ways to observe as well as experience the body, expressed visually through soft dappled imagery, subtle colour and ethereal fragility evocative of feeling and sensation. My practice primarily explores decal imagery on glass, on both flat and three-dimensional surfaces. I firstly photograph sections of the body and abstract these images through digital manipulation. Transferring them to glass, I layer several related images before further manipulating the surface and form through multiple fusings or cold working. This expands the imagery beyond the original photograph as the transparency of glass enhances layering for the purpose of depth and overlapping, which enables me to utilize the specific materiality of glass to suggest bodily form.
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Rose-Mary Faulkner is an emerging artist graduating with Honours from the ANU School of Art in Canberra in 2016. While her study has primarily focused on glassmaking, her practice also includes drawing and printmedia. Rose-Mary was a finalist in the 2016 Wagga Wagga National Emerging Glass Art Prize and her undergraduate work received honourable mention in the Glass Arts Society International Student Online Catalogue. In 2016 her work was also exhibited in 'Fresh Glass' at Canberra Glassworks, combining glass vessels with flower arrangements. Rose-Mary has recieved residencies at both Canberra Glassworks and Megalo Print Studio for 2017 through the School of Art Emerging Artist Support Scheme.
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