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Overnight, the streets and footpaths bloom with images made by engineers with their spray paint styluses...mysterious messages packed with coded information. They work quickly with no pretense as to composition or design; after all, time is money. This said, they’re also 'unconsciously' producing some striking imagery. I’ve liberated these markings from the context of the horizontal 'canvas' of the road and from contiguous markings which might provide any clues or reference. I’ve subsequently fused hundreds of glass strips into pixilated mosaics, further abstracting the imagery. The carved surfaces reference the original ‘canvas’. Urban hieroglyphs
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- Born 22 May 1950 in Frankfurt, Germany (naturalised USA citizen). - BS Mining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, USA in 1975. - Migrated with family to Australia in 1983, became an Australian citizen in 1985. - 40 year career in coal mining industry in both the USA and Australia and in corporate advisory/investment banking in Australia. Retired from full time employment in 2012. - Co-founder of The Ranamok Glass Prize (1994 to 2014). - Built a kiln-forming and casting studio in Brookvale NSW in 2012. - Participated in numerous short courses at SCA, at Canberra Glassworks (Klaus Moje and Kirsty Rea), at Pilchuck (Warren Langley and Laurel Porcari) and at Corning (Richard Whitely). - Craft arts, Issue 94, “A Full Circle to Glass”, by Ivana Jirasek - “Fear Not”, one-man show at Sabbia Gallery, Sydney in Sept 2015. - Finalist in Fuse Prize, 2016
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