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George Agius is a New Zealand born Australian based artist whose glass practice is an exploration of emigration, culture and legacy and its contribution to personal identity. “Through the act of emigration we begin to cultivate and share experiences of place, of home and of belonging. Stories are shared, experiences reiterated, and our storylines slowly begin to entwine. “ Agius’ creative process is embedded in the act of making, her work incorporating sculptural and blown glass techniques often resulting in a whimsical aesthetic that helps convey the idea of the absent figure. George has exhibited in Australia, New Zealand and Canada and assisted prominent contemporary glass artists. In 2013 George completed the JamFactory Associate Training Program in Adelaide and has since exhibited in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, Kennedy Art Prize, KIGA Illuminating Glass award and the Wagga Wagga National Emerging Art Glass Prize. In 2015 George was awarded the Vicki Torr Memorial Prize at the Australian Glass Conference.
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Hot Glass
Cold Working/Engraving