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Ursula Halpin
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I draw the political and personal together in intimately woven glass threads. I link my works with Julia Kristeva’s process of ‘abjection’ as matter, which is from the body but repelled and rejected from the self. Drawing on the abject, repetitive crafting and making becomes an active process of positively dispelling trauma out of the body into the object. This is an empowering process, sharing of memories that are held close and carried and an intimate recognition of memories which one attempts to estrange.
Artists Biography: 
Ursula Halpin (b. 1972 in Dublin, Ireland) is an emerging artist based in Adelaide, Australia. Halpin’s work spans glass, textiles, sculpture and curatorial practice. Graduating in 2016 with First Class Honours in Bachelor of Visual Arts, Halpin was awarded the Chancellors letter of Commendation for the top 5% of Graduates in the Division of Arts, Education and Social Sciences at the University of South Australia. In early 2017 Halpin was awarded the Graduate in Residence by Canberra Glassworks.
Artists Website: Instagram @ursulasglass
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Cold Working/Engraving