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Ursula Halpin
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Feicim samhail anchumtha sa ghloine dorcha; I see though the glass darkly Glass as a material is both strong and fragile. It has a tension between the ease it can break and the longevity and strength of its structure and this is foremost in my use of the material which reflect the concerns of these objects. It reveals the paradox of strength, endurance, precariousness, vulnerability and danger that are prevalent in the narratives behind the work and the artefacts produced through studio research reflect those paradoxes. The ephemeral nature of these artefacts challenge both in their own make up, materially and challenge the viewer. Using the tradition of Irish crochet lace in my family as a vehicle, I explore the tacit and haptic engagement in the materiality of glass. The initial element of control is cast aside making visible the undoing of stitching and further exploiting the complex dichotomy of the ‘speaking subject’ narrative in these works. The subconscious and conscious memories of abject experiences are remediated through making and thinking through the material. The abject experiences are dispelled and the glass objects imbued when the material serendipitously tears, shreds, pulls and breaks apart so it is on the edge of falling apart, or holding itself together, paradoxically demonstrating strength and volatility.
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Ursula Halpin is an emerging artist working across media including glass, print, video, sculptural objects and site specific installations. Born in Dublin and studied at the Galway and Mayo institute of Technology, Ireland. Ursula currently lives in Adelaide and works at the University of South Australia. Ursula has just completed a Bachelor of Visual Art Honours (First Class) at the University of South Australia. Recent curatorial projects include co-curator for Translucent Shadows staged at the SASA Gallery which received the Adelaide Fringe Festival Best Visual Arts and Design exhibition in 2015; curatorial intern for Border Crossings (Ireland /Australia) staged at the SASA Gallery and assistant curator when it was presented at Galway Arts Centre as part of the Galway International Arts Festival in 2016. She has been commissioned and supported by University of South Australia, Helpmann Academy, Department of Communications and the Art.
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Cold Working/Engraving