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I am captivated by the visual collision of opposing forces; positive and negative, volume and flatness, light and shadow. The tension between these binary forces is the influence for my studio practice. Within my practice I explore the spatial relationships between three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional representations. I combine traditional craft techniques and digital technology to create installations, which explore physical and virtual relationships in the contemporary world. Utilising geometry as a starting point, I create illusions of depth and flatness in glass and mixed media. Inverting the traditional design process these works start with a handmade object which is then rendered in CAD to view from different perspectives. Re-imagining the internal structure of the cast glass form, I create string drawings that project the implied shadow of the object into space. Through the exploration of perception and vantage point, I involve the audience by displaying the work in ways that are activated by movement. By combing glass and string imagery, my work explores the possibilities of shifting perception within and between object and drawing.
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Madisyn Zabel is an Australian based artist who investigates the dynamic relationships between three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional representation, and the growing dialogue between Craft and digital technology. Zabel received her honours degree with a concentration in glass from the Australian National University School of Art, Canberra. She travelled abroad to participate in workshops at Pilchuck Glass School, Corning Museum of Glass and was recently enrolled in the Studio Assistantship Residency Program at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio. Upon completion of her studies, Zabel was awarded numerous exhibition awards and was selected to show work at PICA’s Hatched National Graduate Show in 2016. Since graduating her work has been shown in international publications including Corning Museum of Glass New Glass Review, was the winner of the Warm Glass UK’s The Glass Prize 2016 Bullseye Glass Artists Category and the recipient of the Jutta Cuny Franz Talent Award in 2017.
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Cold Working/Engraving