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My work is about the connections between the human body, nature and architecture. I seek to explore the ambiguous, visceral and beautiful qualities of these themes and the relationships between them. I draw inspiration from the structures of science, medicine and religion. I make lost wax cast glass sculptural work that is a mix of movement and growth, rich in surface grains and evocative of the body. The ambiguities of the form invite closer inspection and contemplation of the imagery associated with the internal, the natural and the architecture in devotional infrastructure.
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Alexandra is a 2012 Honours graduate of the ANU glass program under Richard Whitely and Nadge Desgenestze. During this time she had the opportunity to participate in workshops and demonstrations with the following artists. Nadge Desgenestze 2009-2012, Richard Whitely 2009-2012 Brian Corr 2009, Judith Schaechter 2010, Maureen Cahill 2010. Susie Peck 2011 Masahiro Asaka 2011, Annette Blair 2011, Mel George 2011, Lino Tagliapietra 2o12, Amber Cowen 2012, Mattew Day Perze 2012. In 2013 Alexandra was awarded the Graduate in Residence, residency by the Canberra Glassworks and the work that was completed during residency went on to be exhibited in RED (Rise, Exist, Demise) curated by Chloe Mandryk. ​ In 2015 Alexandra was awaded a Endeavour Award by the Australia Arts Council to travel and work in a glass studio in Berlin, Germany for 4 months. While in Germany Alexandra particpated in a exhibition Collabortive Endeavour that travelled to two seperate locations, Australian Embassy Berlin and Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf. Originally from Leeton NSW Alexandra's work has a strong sense of the natural infused into it from glass bones to panels of frozen liquid textures. Alexandra now lives and works in Canberra ACT. ​
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Hot Glass