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Coming from the soft muted hues of England, my first response in glass to the wonderful light and colours of Western Australia was to dive into the water. And I no doubt will return there. But over the past year or so, I am engaged with the trees of this area. The wonderful colour of the crumbling barks, the pale new tree trunks and the light filtering through the trees at dawn and dusk.
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Born in England, I came to Western Australia in 1982 via several years spent in the US and Hong Kong. A lawyer turned industrial designer, my creative interests were subjugated to my work until about 8 years ago, except for some work in ceramics. After a lifelong love of all things glass, I eventually started working in glass myself and it is now my main occupation and my abiding passion. Represented by Aspects of Kings Park and Jah Roc Galleries of Margaret River.
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