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Janet Kininmonth
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I design and create kiln formed (fused) glass art to display, use or wear. My inspiration comes from the glass itself and the way the light reflects off and through the glass producing incredible effects and colours. I tend to lean towards creating practical pieces with a my current range includes bowls, platters, plates, decorative panels, jewellery and accessories.
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I commenced working with glass as a hobby more than 15 years ago learning stained glass and mosaic techniques. Later I was given the opportunity to learn about fused glass and I was hooked! Taking my hobby to the next level, I set up my business, home studio with kiln, and website in 2011. In October 2016 I relocated to Batemans Bay where I've established my home studio/workshop and gift shop, and continue to work and develop my skills in warm and cold glass.
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Cold Working/Engraving