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Janine Koefoed
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To preserve the vivid images, seen through my mind of this stunning country. I use the beautiful transparent qualities of glass for the benefit of future generations’ enjoyment.
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Janine was born in Tasmania but has lived in Perth for twenty-five years. She studied art throughout high school and college and majored in art at university. Janine has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Janine is the winner of many awards for ceramic and China painting and has designed and created pieces of leadlight. Fifteen years ago Janine decided to concentrate on watercolours and joined the Rockingham Watercolour Society exhibiting and selling paintings at several Council Exhibitions. Lately, content to devote more time to painting, Janine spends time trucking around Australia with her husband. This provides great opportunities to capture the beauty of our country in photographs to use later for paintings. Janine’s paintings are varied, vibrant and distinctive in composition and are generally about our outback, coastline and animals. She also does a lot of abstract which may even be described as graphic or contemporary in design. An exciting new chapter has now opened in her art journey this is kiln fired glass, being fortunate to have the opportunity to study under some of the worlds leading glass artist as, Miriam Di Fiore (Italy).Dr Jerry King.Rudi Gritsch (Austria). Richard Parrish (USA) and Catharine Newell (USA). From this Janine has developed her own very unique construction techniques with the use of glass powders and frits to create the design. These pieces are both functional and beautiful pieces of art, depicting the Australian bush and its varied animals. Again this collection is a variation of some traditional and other more contemporary pieces.
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