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Born 1970 Melbourne Victoria Introduced to glass in 1992 I became fascinated with the texture, colour and form that could be created. It was in 2006 I took the plunge to totally immerse myself as a full-time maker. In 2014 I commenced my Diploma of Fine Arts part time as I wanted to introduce Printmaking into my practice. There is a magical cohesion between Glass and Print and it is this process I look to investigate further. My inspiration is drawn from lived experience, challenges, love and loss. I look to grow from all these experiences and channel the energy towards my art. I love to forage and collect ...there is something about what it brings. The visual process begins almost instantly and the excitement sets in. My current focus is working with disposed, found glass and printmaking with my focus on crushing glass brining it together by altering the surface texture to emulate both the fragility and strength within that embodies us all. I am particularly interested in the forms and vessels that can be created. I apply a number of processes in my work to achieve the final piece both with glass and printmaking.
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