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I have always found myself in awe of the Australian Landscape, having been educated early to respect and take care of the land. Contemporary life in many ways disconnects people from the land so the work pulls that back into contemporary consciousness. Glass has always held a fascination. My challenge is to use it to echo natural form.
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I was born in Ivanhoe in Victoria, very close to the centre of Melbourne on Wurundjeri country. I decided to be an artist at an early age, growing up very near to the places where 100 years before the Heidelberg school of artists had worked. I moved to Perth when I was 20 and have lived on Wadjuck Noongar country ever since. I was encouraged to take a university place at 17, instead of the place I at Royal Melbourne Technical College, as it was suggested that I "might never get another opportunity to go to university". I went on to gain post graduate qualifications and pursued a very rewarding and interesting career in psychology, with my art practice weaving around that. I enrolled in Perth Technical College to study Painting Drawing and Printmaking as soon as I finished university. My studio was built in 1999 and I have since retired from psychology. My long standing fascination with glass led to my glass workshop being built in 2013. My art practice has included: • Community projects such as the Oxfam Mural working alongside young volunteers • Residencies in Broome and Beverley creating possibilities to work more closely with communities • Visiting & volunteering in indigenous art centres I am interested in exploring the energy of the elements water, air & light and have a long standing tradition in landscape. My artistic process for me is invariably about the interaction of these energies and continues to extend and surprise.
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