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Through the use of text, light and glass, I aim to create works that allow the beauty and hope in life to be revealed. I seek to utilize the inherent properties of glass – that of beauty and transparency – in order to uplift and restore. Light, a strong metaphor for transformation and hope is inherent in my work. I love the way light can transform an object or situation and change the perception of an experience, just as an aptly spoken or written word can effect a similar outcome. The spoken and written word is a powerful medium – its intent can linger in hearts and minds as if suspended in time. My work explores the use of multiple layered fused glass and light, to explore the expression of my theme. I often use text selected from writings such as the Psalms or Proverbs, and then deconstruct the passage and reapply it to the glass in layers. The layers are then recombined and fused into a sculptural form, suspending the words in space- creating a place for inspiration, revelation and hope.
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Clare Peters comes from a 20 year background in health, as a cardiac specialist nurse and educator. Alongside this career, she had a passion for glass, which began through leadlighting at a young age, and developed into other glass fields, particularly kiln work. Eventually she left her nursing career to follow her glass passion in a full time capacity, and in 2003 set up a small teaching studio in Fountaindale on the NSW Central Coast. In order to take her craft to a professional level, in 2012, she moved to Canberra for four years to study at the Australian National University School of Art Glass Workshop. In 2015 Clare completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with First Class Honours (Glass). Since leaving university she has received numerous awards and exhibitions, including the 2017 Vicki Torr Memorial Prize and the Corning Museum of Glass Stanislav Libensky Award, which provided a study opportunity in 2017 at the Corning Museum of Glass, USA. Clare is now based again in Fountaindale NSW, where she has re-opened her working and teaching glass studio.
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