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I am the owner of Hotglass Designs and specialise in handcrafted kiln-formed glass, incorporating both contemporary and traditional designs. I have attended various overseas glass workshops facilitated by world renowned glass artists and the inspiration and knowledge I have gained from these have enabled me to develop my own style in the medium. My works are mainly influenced by colours and designs in nature and each piece of glass is carefully selected, individually hand cut and assembled, contributing to the uniqueness of the finished article. All my creations are bold, colourful, one-offs, as I believe in individuality and uniqueness. I incorporate dichroic glass as accents in some functional ware but mainly use it in my dichroic and sterling silver jewellery. Each piece of dichroic glass is selected for texture, colour and shape, then carefully assembled, thus producing an awe inspiring, unique piece of wearable glass art. My fascination with the qualities of glass - its clean, smooth and crisp appearance, have fuelled my pursuance of the art of kiln-forming.
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I commenced kiln-formed glass work as a hobby in Queensland in approximately 2005. As I have always been fascinated by glass my hobby soon grew and I started spending more time doing something I loved. Although I have attempted glass blowing and lampwork, my passion lies with kiln-forming. I have undertaken three overseas and one local glass workshop by renowned artists which has allowed me to utilise new techniques in my own designs.
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