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Elizabeth Newnham
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After a career in nursing, where a mistake can be catastrophic, working with glass is liberating. It is easy to see and feel how glass artists through the ages have been passionate about their creations. Glass is like a snapshot of feelings and love frozen in time. It can simply be an object of beauty or become an amazingly powerful narrative of the artist exploring deep emotions.
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Elizabeth’s journey into the glass world started as a child with a glass cutting and polishing kit so many people had in the 1970s. Now after 36 years of surgical nursing she has finally found the time to reconnect with her childhood passion. Since 2008 she studied many kiln fired techniques from basic classes to any master class available to her. Having entered the glass world later in life, with her career and family duties now in the background, she has discovered the freedom to experiment freely in glass without boundaries. Elizabeth has created her own style of glass forming. This has results in a three-dimensional effect which combines colour, light and texture creating an original look. The inspiration for her pieces comes from living in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in outer Eastern Melbourne. In addition she immerses herself in natural landscapes both in Australia and overseas.
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