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Marina Hanser
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My work explores ideas of revealing and concealing, deconstruction and reconstruction and states of transition. Inspired by notions of loss and remembrance, I use cloth as a metaphor because of its ability to make things appear and disappear, and to suggest wounds, healing and transformation. I draw influence from medical imagery, scientific and emotional concepts, material investigations, as well as my own personal experience with loss and grief.
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I am a Canberra based emerging glass artist. Originally from Austria, I moved to Australia in 2010 to complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree with Honours at the Australian National University. I studied glass in various institutions in Europe, including Glasfachschule Kramsach, Austria and Vetroricerca Glass School, Italy. Since graduating from the Australian National University in 2014, I have received a series of national and international opportunities including Residencies at Bullseye Glass (US), Canberra Glassworks (AU) and Australian National University (AU), Teaching Assistant at Pilchuck Glass School (US), Corning Museum of Glass (US) and the Pittsburgh Glass Centre (US) as well as teaching at Berlin Glas e.V (DE). I have also received a number of awards including Warm Glass Prize UK, the Boronia Award in Glass and a Distinguished Talent permanent Resident Visa. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is a finalist in the International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa (JP), European Glass Context (DK), National Emerging Art Glass Prize, Fuse Glass Prize and Hindmarsh Prize (AU). Besides developing my own practice as an artist in my studio at the Canberra Glassworks I am a cold working, mold making and studio assistant to established artists.
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Cold Working/Engraving