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Marc Grunseit
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My kiln formed work has a number of features for which I strive, regardless of the design, size or application. Painterly in effect, all my works are made entirely of glass with no paints, stains or enamels used. The design elements are complex and time consuming to create, but from their complexity I attempt to produce inviting images which allow endless visits. Each time the eye can commence a journey from a different point. Neither I as the maker, nor you as the viewer, need ever be bored. The pieces reflect 30 years of evolution of technique and design. They demonstrate the eclectic nature of my art, employing similarly complex visual vocabulary to express quite different, yet equally peaceful and contemplative paintings in glass. I do not proscribe the meaning of my work, but am happy to provide some clues. Marc Grunseit 2015
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Born in Sydney in 1952, Marc had extensive involvement in art and creative crafts during his school years, complementing a formal education. He studied medicine, graduated in 1977 then left medicine in 1982 to pursue an art-glass career. Marc took up a long-standing interest in stained glass and has completed numerous commissions for domestic, ecclesiastical and public buildings and participated in both group and solo exhibitions in galleries worldwide, with various pieces held in public, private and corporate collections. His work ranges from 35sq m architectural installations to delicate items which fit into the palm of a hand. Marc describes his current work as paintings in glass, responding to the mythological, geological, social and artistic environments of Australia. Meticulous and intricate detail are achieved entirely by fusing techniques with no paints, stains or enamels employed. The melding of the mosaic style of stained glass with a looser, painterly approach to fusing has given his work a distinctive and identifiable style.
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