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Inspired by the landscapes around him David experiments with colours, patterns and layers to reveal hidden images. David is constantly experimenting and learning new techniques. There is a fine line between success and failure but that is part of the addiction - to keep pushing not only the boundaries of the medium but also his creative vision.
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After 30 years in the banking industry David decided to change his life and fulfill his dreams. He now spends his time on the farm, writing and creating functional glass art pieces for a living. David was always fascinated by glass, first as a collector and now as a passionate glass addict! David was lucky to have been taught by three glass artists of world renown in Patty Gray, Emma Varga and Dagmar Ackerman. David hand makes all of his products at his studio in Bronte, creates original designs that do not follow trends, finishes his products to a high standard, finds inspiration from a diverse range of influences and, above all, commits to wholeheartedly enjoy the creative journey. Appropriately for kiln fired glasswork Savitrine means "of the sun" in Sanskrit and is also a (terrible) play on words – ‘Sa vitrine’ is "his shop window" in French. Some examples of David’s work can be found at and he can be contacted at or 0410458708. David has experience with commission work and has works available for sale on his website and at Gallery on Track, Blackshaw Road, Goulburn.
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