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My work engages with themes of memory and recollection as I seek to translate these phenomena from the nebulous space of the mind into physical, object form. Through my works, I examine how memory is experienced in connection to narrative recollection, the passage of time and the act of forgetting. I am particularly interested in episodic memory: our conscious recollections of people, places and events which are often linked to the domestic, the family and holidays. My practice also engages with the concept of the ‘memory object’: through an emotional attachment, domestic objects can act as a link to absent people through their ability to preserve and prompt personal recollections.
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I am an emerging glass artist working between Sydney and Canberra. I graduated from the ANU School of Art, Canberra, with first class Honours in 2013. My work has been exhibited throughout Australia and overseas in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Munich, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; and Beijing, China. I primarily work with hot glass, often in combination with found objects and photographic images. Alongside my exhibition work, I enjoy making functional blown or hot sculpted items including vases, bowls, paperweights and brooches. A selection of my work is available for sale at the Canberra Glassworks Shop and the Toowoomba Regional Gallery Shop.
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Hot Glass