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Cassandra Layne
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My work began as an investigation into creating objects that demonstrate an abstract depiction of an illusionary grey area between thought and reality. I use glass as my chosen medium to demonstrate how light and texture can be manipulated to create a deception of depth and size. The different textures and shading in the work invites the viewer to interact with the piece by drawing them in. The work is intentionally ambiguous and breaks down into two bodies, flat kiln-formed panels and gaffer castings. Casting transparent glass, I create organic spherical shapes with odd recesses and bulges. The shine and shade of the glass helps to create optical illusions of false depth, curve and thinness in the piece. Introducing different light sources allows the object to appear weightless or insubstantial despite it true physical size and weight. The function of the panel pieces is to manipulate perception using colour. They achieve this by using strong bold colours that contrast each other. The contrast plays on the eyes natural ability to sustain a consistent image. The carved imagery punches through the patterning on top giving a look of depth and layer. The glass may appear denser, further away or three-dimensional. Observing the work for an extended period of time causes the clear cut circles to blur and the surrounding pattern to lose its stability and become more convincingly false. Only by touching the surface of the panel is the illusion completely broken and the work completes its journey into a comprehensively solid object.
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Hot Glass
Cold Working/Engraving