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Chantel Mulder
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Mental illness and its personification within society is an area requiring much deeper examination and recognition; in order to ensure the validity of our knowledge and dispel the negative stigma attached to the subject, we must look upon the issue within a more contemporary context, through those who experience it for themselves. My current work focuses on the unrecognised psychological and physical effects of low self-esteem in those who possess a mental disorder, with an exploration on the manifestation of "Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours" as a result.
Artists Biography: 
An emerging artist based in Adelaide, South Australia, Chantel completed A Bachelor of Visual Arts specialising in glass in 2015, followed by the attainment of her Honours in 2016. With a background in drawing, Chantel combines her passion for glassblowing with the technique of engraving as a means to discuss the themes of her work through visual imagery. As she continues to establish and develop her glass practice, she will be commencing A Bachelor of Psycholgoical Science in 2017, in the hopes of strenghtening her existing knowledge while finding inspiration for future artwork through researching subjects of interest. During this time, she will also continue to strengthen her practical glass-working and technical drawing skills.
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Hot Glass
Cold Working/Engraving