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Billy James Crellin
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My work became significantly object focused in research of soniferous and reverberant materials. Thereafter I started using materials to proliferate agendas between industrial and individual frameworks of practice. At intersections between these two polarities, articles are used as a means to ascertain affairs they themselves generate and are composed freely between them. To survey the offhand manner of objects, repeated use of industrially fashioned articles and processes allow for their deceleration. Through this transpires a complex in existence and participation. Therein lies the potential for examining how the industrial – production; mechanization; automation – reproaches or fortifies individualism, and whether one is a more esoteric or independent than the other.
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Billy James Crellin studied Photomedias at the Sydney College of the Arts, undertaking his Honor’s research year in Glass within the discipline area Object Art and Design. After graduating in 2014 he procured experience practicing in central European industrial and applied art hubs, as well as fabricating for art and design practitioners. As of 2017 he is an associate of the contemporary glass design institute Jam Factory in Adelaide, South Australia.
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Hot Glass
Cold Working/Engraving