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My artistic practice revolves around trying to come to terms with many of life’s dualities, most often focusing on life and death. By recalling history I am able to somewhat comfort myself by recognition of previous coping methods. Pulling symbols and imagery from various countries, social groups, and cultures I make objects that discuss how humans react ceremonially to the cycle of life, and the relationships we form. I am interested in how humans deal with love, loss, mourning and remembrance.
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Kristi Totoritis is an American born visual artist, designer and fabricator who primarily works within glass and print media. She completed her BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, double majoring in crafts and material studies, as well as painting. Shortly after graduating she began a production and design line under the name of heartcoreglass. Currently she is a MVA candidate at the Australian National University set to graduate in 2017. Totoritis has studied at craft schools including Pilchuck Glass School, Pittsburgh Glass Center, The Studio at Corning, and Canberra Glassworks. She is an adjunct instructor at the Chrysler Museum of Art Glass Studio as well as at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.
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Hot Glass
Cold Working/Engraving