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Daniel Venables
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My work stems from the desire to communicate the experience of mental illness, focusing on expressing states of depression. My current body of work involves separating this illness into various different “states”. These differing states are each represented by a different work, and they each correspond to a particular symptomatic effect of depression. In order to better communicate these often intangible effects, I rely heavily upon both metaphor and material qualities. I often employ functional glass vessels, that are corrupted and damaged, in order to obfuscate the function for which they appear to have been created. I draw strongly upon the intrinsic preciousness and fragility of glass - manipulating and occasionally distorting these inherent qualities, in order to create an emotional link with the viewer. My aim is to present tangible objects that represent the embodiment of the various symptomatic effects of depression, and allows the viewer a visceral association with my wok, and the condition.
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Daniel is currently studying at the ANU school of art, and has just completed his bachelor of Visual arts, majoring in glass.
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Instagram: d_venables
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Hot Glass