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Nadina Geary
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My practice is primarily in glass, although I often reference my previous experience with textiles. I work with a variety of glass processes including hot glass, kiln forming, casting and engraving. I discovered a love of engraving and graal work that I intend to pursue further this year. My work ranges in scale from intimate hand held objects to larger pieces cast directly from the body or blown forms made in the in hot shop. I have a broad interest in the concept of self identity, especially how we fashion ourselves versus how we are perceived by others.
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Nadina graduated with Honours in 2017 from the ANU School of Art Glass Workshop. Through the ANU she worked as a mold making assistant to Karen Lamonte, Mike Parr and on the Australian of the Year Awards team. She received the 2016 ANU SoA Glass Workshop/Corning Museum of Glass, Summer Studio Scholarship to learn hot sculpting with Karen Willenbrink and Jasen Johnson, and casting with Carole Milne. Now focused on cameo engraving and hot glass, she combines these varied techniques while working as a Teaching Artist at the Canberra Glassworks.
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Hot Glass
Cold Working/Engraving