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My works deal with themes of failure and persistence. It is a subject that hits home because I consider myself a beginner in glass, experimenting with technique and working with each cast in a hit or miss basis. My artworks tell a story when they’re read chronologically. “Icarus”, as the name suggests, is about ambition, it was my graduation piece cast from my own torso with wings too heavy and delicate to fly. “Breath” is ironically about asphyxiation, it is the solidification of the air around the face unable to enter because of panic, of lack of serenity and ability to see oneself clearly. And my ballet series, “Persistence” is my answer to what came before, to the trials and failures I’ve had since starting on my artist career and deciding even if I do fail a cast or two (or more), I can still get back up and make it into something beautiful.
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Graduated in 2015 from the Sydney College of Art majoring in sculpture and glass, Nancy continues to focus on achieving technical virtuosity and innovation through bold experimentation and a steady work ethic. Drawing inspiration from chance environments, ancient cultures, fables and the philosophies of Taoism and Stoicism, her work explores themes of struggle, hubris, evolution and human emotional intensity. Working in glass, Nancy seeks to draw out not only the external beauty of the medium but also the internal depth of glass; its fragility, strength, distortion and mysticism.
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Cold Working/Engraving