Ausglass Office Holders

The following is a list of the current Ausglass office holders and administrative staff.

Please use the contact form to submit any queries and it will be directed to the correct person on your behalf.



  President: Kate Nixon (

  Vice President: Kerry Rowe (

  Treasurer: Denise Orchard (

  Secretary: Peter Nolan (

  Collector's Rep - currently recruiting

  State Rep Liaison: Kerry Rowe (acting)

  Grants and Funding: Elaine Miles

  Membership: Peter Nolan

  Exhibitions: Christine Atkins

  Director: Rose-Mary Faulkner

  Director: Grace Blakeley-Carroll

  International Rep - currently recruiting

  Newsletter - currently recruiting

Non Board

  Student Rep - currently recruiting

  Social Media - Spike Deane

  Website - Laurel Kohut

Board Support

  Executive Admin - Jane Hebiton (

  Bookkeeper - Fiona Holmes (

State Reps

  ACT - Alexandra Frasersmith (

  NSW - currently recruiting 

  NT - Jon Firth (

  QLD - Aaron Micallef (

  SA - Glenda Kent (

  TAS - Kate Morton (

  VIC - Doug Carson (

  WA - Brenda Ellen (