Ausglass Honorary Life Member

The Ausglass Honorary Life Membership is awarded in recognition of outstanding contribution to Ausglass and/or the field of contemporary studio glass. The Life Membership is awarded biennially at the Ausglass Conference and is the highest honour that Ausglass can bestow. The award is restricted to exemplary instances of contribution to the association and/or the field of contemporary studio glass for a period of not normally less than ten years. The Honorary Life Member is granted life membership of the Association without payment of the membership fee.

The recent recipents are:

2019 - Richard Clements

2017 - Warren Langley

2015 - Nick and Pauline Mount

2013 - Alasdair and Rish Gordon

2011 - Gerry King

2009 - Kirstie Rea

2008 - Klaus Moje (d. 2016)

2005 - Anne Dybka (d. 2007)

2003 - Judy Le Lievre

2001 - Maureen Cahill