Vicki Torr Emerging Artist Prize

Each year the members of Ausglass award an emerging glass artist the Vicki Torr Emerging Artist Prize. The annual prize is valued at $1,500.

The purpose for the prize is to encourage emerging artists who display outstanding achievement in their art practise and to facilitate an increase in their public profile by placing photographic examples of their work alongside their CV and biography in the Ausglass Online Gallery.

Ausglass recognises the importance of maintaining a public profile through the online gallery. This database of images are a reference for galleries, collectors and other institutions who frequently use the Ausglass site to stay informed about the Australian contemporary studio glass movement. This award aims to encourage all our members to maintain their online profiles by taking full advantage of the Ausglass Online Gallery.

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To be eligible for the Vicki Torr Emerging Artist Prize:

  • The artist must be an Ausglass member
  • The artist must have placed photographic examples of their work and a one page C.V. on the Ausglass Online Gallery by the 1st of December in the year of the prize;
  • The artist must be an emerging artist (see below);
  • Winners of the Vicki Torr Ermerging Artist Prize (previously the Online gallery Prize) in one year will not be eligible to enter the competition in subsequent years;

Eligible members will enhance their chances of winning the prize if they ensure that the quality of photography is high.  The C.V. should not exceed one A4 size page and should accurately reflect the achievements of the emerging artist.

Emerging Artists

For the purposes of the prize an emerging artist will be regarded as a person who has five or less years of professional experience.  Students with five or less years of professional experience are also eligible for the prize.

Previous winners of the Vicki Torr Emerginy Artist Prize

2019   Jessica Murtagh 2014   Gillian Tomasich 2008   Denise Pepper
2018   Nadina Geary 2013   Zoe Woods 2007   Annette Blair
2017   Jenny Bush 2012   Mikyoung Jung 2006 Nicole Ayliffe
2016   Clare Peters 2011   Yuksuke Takemura  
2015   Liz Newham & Janine Koeford 2009   Susan Moore