About Ausglass

Ausglass is the foremost body for the promotion of contemporary glass in Australia. 

We are an Australian not-for-profit organisation that has a passion for the artistic use of glass in all its forms.

Our members are artists, students, crafts people, collectors, galleries, suppliers, hobbyists and businesses. We are the principal body for the promotion of glass artists and crafts people in Australia. Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of Australian glass art by fostering effective communication and information exchange between its members and interested parties.

The current officeholders for Ausglass are available here.

Our Objectives

- To convene National Conferences
- To disseminate information and services to members through electronic and printed material
- To represent members' interests, nationally and internationally
- To encourage prizes, exhibitions, scholarships and other opportunities for glass artists
- To promote Australian glass art internationally
- To contribute funds to the Vicki Torr Memorial Fund, a separately existing charitable fund, established to award a prize for excellence in glass art making.

The Consitution for Ausglass (The Australian Association of Glass Artists) Ltd is available here.

You can contact Ausglass directly via our contact form or via email/post.