Important Insurance Information

Public Liability Insurance

Ausglass has worked together with City Rural Insurance Brokers to gain a group discount for $10 Million and $20 Million Public Liability Insurance policies for Australian Glass Artists. (Make sure you read the 'Disclaimer & Information' section at the base of this page.) 

Click here to read the full PDS for the General Public and Product liability insurance policy.

Below is the explanation of the process in 3 easy steps!

Step 1.

Click on Insurance type and proceed to the check out.

Step 2.

PayPal is where you pay for your membership and your Insurance in one simple step.

Step 3.


$20 m Public Liability Insurance & $10m Public Liability Insurance is available from City Rural Insurance.

NEW MEMBERS! - If you are applying for the first time, click here to download the form.

RENEWING MEMBERS! - The payment deadline for full-year insurance renewal is 31/5/2018. Members renewing their insurance and making payment after 31/5/18 but before 31/08/2018 must complete the 'No Claim Declaration' form, found here.

Renewals of insurance will not be accepted after 1/9/2018.  If applying/paying after this date a new application form must be completed, which will provide insurance only untill 31/05/2019.  The application form is found here.

229 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Once accepted you will be posted your Insurance Certificate. Your $10M policy can be found here and the $20M policy can be found here. Any policy questions click here to contact City Rural.



Disclaimer & Information

  1. Ausglass is not the provider of this insurance and the insurance contract will be between City Rural Insurance and the artist. The Association has managed to gain a group discount for insurance that may be of benefit for glass artists working in their own studios.
  2. Insurance is offered through insurance broker City Rural and is underwritten by QBE. You should read the policy disclosure documents and financial services guides for both of these companies before making a decision to take out the insurance.
  3. If you have any questions pertaining to the insurance City Rural can be contacted through their website - remember to say that you are a member of Ausglass.
  4. Payment of the insurance (the annual premium) is collected up front but does not ensure your policy will be approved by the insurance provider. If your policy is not approved you will have your premium refunded in full as soon as is possible (within 4 weeks).
  5. Insurance is only offered to full year Membership holders.
  6. The Insurance Period is June 1 to May 31 annually.
  7. Insurance is only offered electronically during renewal or when signing up as a new member to Ausglass.
  8. Insurance is only offered to Australian based glass artists.
  9. Insurance is valid for a single person’s art work - where multiple people are working together to produce one person’s art work then only two additional people are covered by the one policy. Where multiple people are producing their own individual art work in the same workplace they will each require their own policy.